nsis64 / Contrib / System / Source / System.h

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File Contrib/System/Source/System.h

     SystemProc *Clone;
+#ifndef SYSTEM_X64
 typedef struct tag_CallbackThunk CallbackThunk;
 struct tag_CallbackThunk
     CallbackThunk* pNext;
 // Free() only knows about pNext in CallbackThunk, it does not know anything about the assembly, that is where this helper comes in...
+#ifndef SYSTEM_X64
 #ifdef SYSTEM_X86
 #   define GetAssociatedSysProcFromCallbackThunkPtr(pCbT) ( (SystemProc*)  *(unsigned int*) (((char*)(pCbT))+1) )
 #   error "GetAssociatedSysProcFromCallbackThunkPtr not defined for the current architecture!"
 extern const int ParamSizeByType[];   // Size of every parameter type (*4 bytes)
 extern void ParamsDeAllocate(SystemProc *proc);
 extern void ParamsIn(SystemProc *proc);
 extern void ParamsOut(SystemProc *proc);
+#ifndef SYSTEM_X64
 extern SystemProc *CallProc(SystemProc *proc);
 extern SystemProc *CallBack(SystemProc *proc);
 extern SystemProc *RealCallBack();
 extern void CallStruct(SystemProc *proc);