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The Banner plug-in shows a banner with customizable text. It uses the IDD_VERIFY dialog of the UI.

There are three functions - show, getWindow and destroy.


Banner::show "Text to show"

[optional] Banner::getWindow


See Example.nsi for an example.

Modern UI

The Modern UI has two labels on the IDD_VERIFY dialog. To change all the texts, use:

Banner::show /set 76 "Text 1 (replaces Please wait while Setup is loading...)" "Normal text"

Custom UI

If you have more labels on your IDD_VERIFY dialog, you can use multiple /set parameters to change the texts.


Banner::show /set 76 "bah #1" /set 54 "bah #2" "Normal text"

The second parameter for /set is the ID of the control.

Some More Tricks

If you use /set to set the main string (IDC_STR, 1030) you can specify a different string for the window's caption and for the main string.

If you use an empty string as the main string (Banner::show "") the banner window will not show on the taskbar.


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