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\A{modernui} Modern User Interface

NSIS 2 makes it is possible to create installers with a custom user interface. The Modern UI is an interface with a style like the wizards of recent Windows versions.
This new interface also features new pages (Welcome, Finish, Start Menu) and a description area on the components page. The interface and the graphics can be customized using the provided settings.
Using the Modern UI macros and language files, writing scripts with a modern interface is easy.

For more information and documentation see the \L{../Docs/Modern UI 2/Readme.html}{Modern UI 2 Readme}.

NSIS 2.34 brought with it a new version of Modern UI - version 2. It is faster and more extendible. It allows plug-ins to add new types of pages and even change existing pages using a simple NSH file. It also uses \L{../Docs/nsDialogs/Readme.html}{nsDialogs} which faster than its elder sibling - InstallOptions.

For more information and documentation of the old version see the \L{../Docs/Modern UI/Readme.html}{Modern UI Readme}.
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