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\A{usefulfunctions} Useful Scripts

\H{getieversion} Get Internet Explorer version

\c  ; GetIEVersion
\c  ;
\c  ; Based on Yazno's function, http://yazno.tripod.com/powerpimpit/
\c  ; Returns on top of stack
\c  ; 1-6 (Installed IE Version)
\c  ; or
\c  ; '' (IE is not installed)
\c  ;
\c  ; Usage:
\c  ;   Call GetIEVersion
\c  ;   Pop $R0
\c  ;   ; at this point $R0 is "5" or whatnot
\c  Function GetIEVersion
\c  Push $R0
\c    ClearErrors
\c    ReadRegStr $R0 HKLM "Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer" "Version"
\c    IfErrors lbl_123 lbl_456
\c    lbl_456: ; ie 4+
\c      Strcpy $R0 $R0 1
\c    Goto lbl_done
\c    lbl_123: ; older ie version
\c      ClearErrors
\c      ReadRegStr $R0 HKLM "Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer" "IVer"
\c      IfErrors lbl_error
\c        StrCpy $R0 $R0 3
\c        StrCmp $R0 '100' lbl_ie1
\c        StrCmp $R0 '101' lbl_ie2
\c        StrCmp $R0 '102' lbl_ie2
\c        StrCpy $R0 '3' ; default to ie3 if not 100, 101, or 102.
\c        Goto lbl_done
\c          lbl_ie1:
\c            StrCpy $R0 '1'
\c          Goto lbl_done
\c          lbl_ie2:
\c            StrCpy $R0 '2'
\c          Goto lbl_done
\c      lbl_error:
\c        StrCpy $R0 ''
\c    lbl_done:
\c    Exch $R0
\c  FunctionEnd

\H{detect.netframework} Is .NET Framework installed?

\c  ; IsDotNETInstalled
\c  ;
\c  ; Based on GetDotNETVersion
\c  ;   http://nsis.sourceforge.net/Get_.NET_Version
\c  ;
\c  ; Usage:
\c  ;   Call IsDotNETInstalled
\c  ;   Pop $0
\c  ;   StrCmp $0 1 found.NETFramework no.NETFramework
\c  Function IsDotNETInstalled
\c    Push $0
\c    Push $1
\c    StrCpy $0 1
\c    System::Call "mscoree::GetCORVersion(w, i ${NSIS_MAX_STRLEN}, *i) i .r1"
\c    StrCmp $1 0 +2
\c      StrCpy $0 0
\c    Pop $1
\c    Exch $0
\c  FunctionEnd

\H{isflashinstalled} Is Macromedia Flash Player installed?

\c  ; IsFlashInstalled
\c  ;
\c  ; By Yazno, http://yazno.tripod.com/powerpimpit/
\c  ; Returns on top of stack
\c  ; 0 (Flash is not installed)
\c  ; or
\c  ; 1 (Flash is installed)
\c  ;
\c  ; Usage:
\c  ;   Call IsFlashInstalled
\c  ;   Pop $R0
\c  ;   ; $R0 at this point is "1" or "0"
\c  Function IsFlashInstalled
\c   Push $R0
\c   ClearErrors
\c   ReadRegStr $R0 HKCR "CLSID\{D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000}" ""
\c   IfErrors lbl_na
\c     StrCpy $R0 1
\c   Goto lbl_end
\c   lbl_na:
\c     StrCpy $R0 0
\c   lbl_end:
\c   Exch $R0
\c  FunctionEnd

\H{connectinternet} Connect to the Internet

\c  ; ConnectInternet (uses Dialer plug-in)
\c  ; Written by Joost Verburg 
\c  ;
\c  ; This function attempts to make a connection to the internet if there is no
\c  ; connection available. If you are not sure that a system using the installer
\c  ; has an active internet connection, call this function before downloading
\c  ; files with NSISdl.
\c  ; 
\c  ; The function requires Internet Explorer 3, but asks to connect manually if
\c  ; IE3 is not installed.
\c  Function ConnectInternet
\c    Push $R0
\c      ClearErrors
\c      Dialer::AttemptConnect
\c      IfErrors noie3
\c      Pop $R0
\c      StrCmp $R0 "online" connected
\c        MessageBox MB_OK|MB_ICONSTOP "Cannot connect to the internet."
\c        Quit ;This will quit the installer. You might want to add your own error handling.
\c      noie3:
\c      ; IE3 not installed
\c      MessageBox MB_OK|MB_ICONINFORMATION "Please connect to the internet now."
\c      connected:
\c    Pop $R0
\c  FunctionEnd

\H{installerfilename} Get Installer Filename

\c  System::Call 'kernel32::GetModuleFileNameA(i 0, t .R0, i 1024) i r1'
\c  ;$R0 will contain the installer filename

\H{multipleinstances} Prevent Multiple Instances

Put the following code in your \R{oninit}{.onInit function}:

\c  System::Call 'kernel32::CreateMutexA(i 0, i 0, t "myMutex") i .r1 ?e'
\c  Pop $R0
\c  StrCmp $R0 0 +3
\c    MessageBox MB_OK|MB_ICONEXCLAMATION "The installer is already running."
\c    Abort

'myMutex' should be replaced by a unique value. 

\H{morefuncs} More

You can find more useful scripts at \W{http://nsis.sourceforge.net/wiki/}{the NSIS Wiki}, \W{http://forums.winamp.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=65}{the NSIS forum} and \W{http://nsis.sourceforge.net/}{NSIS development page}.