nsis64 / Source / Tests / textrunner.cpp

#include <cppunit/CompilerOutputter.h>
#include <cppunit/extensions/TestFactoryRegistry.h>
#include <cppunit/ui/text/TestRunner.h>

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
  // Get the top level suite from the registry
  CppUnit::Test *suite = CppUnit::TestFactoryRegistry::getRegistry().makeTest();

  // Adds the test to the list of test to run
  CppUnit::TextUi::TestRunner runner;
  runner.addTest( suite );

  // Change the default outputter to a compiler error format outputter
  runner.setOutputter( new CppUnit::CompilerOutputter( &runner.result(),
                                                       std::cerr ) );
  // Run the tests.
  bool wasSucessful =;

  // Return error code 1 if the one of test failed.
  return wasSucessful ? 0 : 1;
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