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nsis64 / Examples / example2.nsi

; example2.nsi
; This script is based on example1.nsi, but it remember the directory, 
; has uninstall support and (optionally) installs start menu shortcuts.
; It will install example2.nsi into a directory that the user selects,


; The name of the installer
Name "Example2"

; The file to write
OutFile "example2.exe"

; The default installation directory
InstallDir $PROGRAMFILES\Example2

; Registry key to check for directory (so if you install again, it will 
; overwrite the old one automatically)
InstallDirRegKey HKLM "Software\NSIS_Example2" "Install_Dir"

; Request application privileges for Windows Vista
RequestExecutionLevel admin


; Pages

Page components
Page directory
Page instfiles

UninstPage uninstConfirm
UninstPage instfiles


; The stuff to install
Section "Example2 (required)"

  SectionIn RO
  ; Set output path to the installation directory.
  SetOutPath $INSTDIR
  ; Put file there
  File "example2.nsi"
  ; Write the installation path into the registry
  WriteRegStr HKLM SOFTWARE\NSIS_Example2 "Install_Dir" "$INSTDIR"
  ; Write the uninstall keys for Windows
  WriteRegStr HKLM "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Example2" "DisplayName" "NSIS Example2"
  WriteRegStr HKLM "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Example2" "UninstallString" '"$INSTDIR\uninstall.exe"'
  WriteRegDWORD HKLM "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Example2" "NoModify" 1
  WriteRegDWORD HKLM "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Example2" "NoRepair" 1
  WriteUninstaller "uninstall.exe"

; Optional section (can be disabled by the user)
Section "Start Menu Shortcuts"

  CreateDirectory "$SMPROGRAMS\Example2"
  CreateShortCut "$SMPROGRAMS\Example2\Uninstall.lnk" "$INSTDIR\uninstall.exe" "" "$INSTDIR\uninstall.exe" 0
  CreateShortCut "$SMPROGRAMS\Example2\Example2 (MakeNSISW).lnk" "$INSTDIR\example2.nsi" "" "$INSTDIR\example2.nsi" 0


; Uninstaller

Section "Uninstall"
  ; Remove registry keys
  DeleteRegKey HKLM "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Example2"
  DeleteRegKey HKLM SOFTWARE\NSIS_Example2

  ; Remove files and uninstaller
  Delete $INSTDIR\example2.nsi
  Delete $INSTDIR\uninstall.exe

  ; Remove shortcuts, if any
  Delete "$SMPROGRAMS\Example2\*.*"

  ; Remove directories used
  RMDir "$SMPROGRAMS\Example2"