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nsis64 / INSTALL


This is a trimmed version of Appendix "Building NSIS" of the documentation.

 - Requirements

   * Python version 1.6 and above (http://www.python.org/)
   * SCons version 1.2.0 and above (http://www.scons.org/)
   * zlib version 1.2.3 and above (http://www.zlib.net/)
   * C compiler

 - Optional Tools

   * HTML Help Workshop for CHM documentation (http://msdn.microsoft.com/)
   * Cross compiler on POSIX platforms, i.e. MinGW (http://www.mingw.org/)
   * wxWidgets 2.8 for NSIS Menu (http://www.wxwidgets.org)
     WXWIN environment variable must be set to wxWidgets directory on Windows

 - Preparation

    * Unpack the zip archive of the downloaded zlib compiled DLL package
      to a folder of your choice, e.g. C:\Dev\zlib-1.2.4 and set the
      ZLIB_W32 environment variable, type:

       set ZLIB_W32=C:\Dev\zlib-1.2.4

 - For Unicode version of NSIS

   * type:
       scons UNICODE=yes

 - Installing

   * type:

       scons PREFIX="C:\Program Files\NSIS" install

 - More options

   * For build options, type:

       scons -h

   * For SCons options, type:

       scons -H

 - Special cases

   * If using the Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 and Platform SDK,
     add MSTOOLKIT=yes to the build command line. For example:

        scons MSTOOLKIT=yes PREFIX=C:\NSIS install

     If path problems occur, try:

        set MSSDK=C:\Path\To\Platform SDK
        set VCToolkitInstallDir=C:\Path\To\VCToolkit
        scons MSTOOLKIT=yes

    * If a cross compiler is not available on POSIX, use:

              NSIS_CONFIG_CONST_DATA_PATH=no PREFIX=/path/to/extracted/zip

      This should only build makensis and install it to the directory where
      a precompiled package, such as the nightly build or a zipped release
      version (nsis-x.xx.zip), is extracted.

    * Options for POSIX installs

      PREFIX: defaults to /usr/local
      PREFIX_BIN: Where to put native binaries. Defaults to $PREFIX/bin/
      PREFIX_CONF: Where to put the config file. Defaults to $PREFIX/etc/
      PREFIX_DATA: Where to put the plugins, stubs, etc. Defaults to $PREFIX/share/nsis/
      PREFIX_DOC: Where to put the docs and examples. Defaults to $PREFIX/share/doc/nsis/
      PREFIX_DEST: The install root Useful for packagers. Defaults to the root directory.
      PREFIX_PLUGINAPI_INC: Where to put the plugin api headers. Defaults to not installed.
      PREFIX_PLUGINAPI_LIB: Where to put the plugin api static lib. Defaults to not installed.

  - Problems

    * Get help in the forum:

    * Report bugs in the bug tracker: