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shoppingCart is a open source cart developed using Python language to manage cart in E-Commerce applications.

Majour Feature(s):

1. Product options support.
2. Multi discount support.
3. Multi tax support(specific to product as well as general taxes).
4. Multi currency support.
5. Tax Exclude and Include total.
6. Shipping method and charge.

    1. Tax dictionary should be like this :
        * {'amount': 10.00, 'type': 'percentage'} OR
        * {'amount': 10.00, 'type': 'fixed'}
    2. Option dictionary or list of Option Value should be like this :
        2.1 To pass dictionary in attribute `options` of `add_item` method of `Cart` object should be like this :
            * {1: {2: {'price': 10.00}}} OR        
            * {'color': {'red': {'price': 10.00}}} OR
            * {option_object: {option_value_object:{'price': 10.00}}} OR
            * {option_object: option_value_object}
        2.2 To pass list in attribute `option_values` of `add_item`, `update_item` and `remove_item` methods of `Cart` object should be like this :
            * [2] OR
            * ['red'] OR
            * [option_value_object]
    3. if cart item is object then it should have `id` field(Unique KeyField) like this:
    For Example:
            class Product(object):
                def __init__(self):
           = None
            product = Product()
            from shoppingCart import Cart
            cart = Cart()
            cart.add_item(product=product, price=10.00, quantity=1)
    1. Currancy Conversation:
    Used to know currancy value.
    For Example:
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