Welcome to Varnish-Ban - a simple project showing how to BAN URLs in Varnish using RabbitMQ and Apache Camel.

This project is accompanied by a tutorial on my blog. Please refer to it to learn how to configure each component and get this project running. It is quite simple, so I do hope you won't have any problems with it. If you do, please let me know! :-)

To get this project up and running you will need a few things:

  • Java 7 (Java 6 will also work fine)
  • Apache Ant (1.8.2+)
  • Apache Ivy (2.2.0+)

For your convenience (and to bootstrap things) ivy-2.2.0.jar is included in this project. You will need to copy the ivy jar file into your ant lib directory (ANT_HOME/lib) or alternatively, copy the ivy jar file into your $HOME/.ant/lib folder (you may need to create this folder).

I assume you have Java experience and know how to get ant into your path.

Once you have copied the ivy jar into the correct location, all you need to do to run the client (i.e., the Camel Component) is simply execute:


at the command line. Resolving Jars will take some time, thankfully there are not that many. Feel free to make a cup of coffee in the meantime :-)

Alternatively, you can import this project into Eclipse, resolve the dependencies (using IvyDE) and run the Bootstrap Java application.

I hope you enjoy this project and if you have any suggestions, please do drop me an email :-)

Thank you and have fun!