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File .vimrc

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 set rtp+=~/.vim/bundle/vundle/
 call vundle#rc()
 " Vundle plugins {{{
 " REQUIRED: let Vundle manage Vundle
 Bundle 'gmarik/vundle'
 " TaskList for finding NOTE, FIXME, etc
 Bundle 'TaskList.vim'
 " Python support
+Bundle 'python.vim'
 Bundle 'hdima/vim-scripts', {'rtp': 'tree/master/syntax/python/'}
 " Matches html tags with %
 Bundle 'MatchTag'
 " Zoom windows with <c-w>+o
 Bundle 'vim-scripts/ZoomWin.git'
 " Syntastic epic syntax checker on save(?) <Makes vim slow :(>
-Bundle 'scrooloose/syntastic.git'
+"Bundle 'scrooloose/syntastic.git'
 " TAB completion to insert mode autocompletes
 Bundle 'ervandew/supertab.git'
 " Cool HTML/CSS constructor - not needed much :(
   "colorscheme mustang
   "colorscheme badwolf
   "colorscheme BusyBee
-  colorscheme hemisu
+  "colorscheme hemisu
   "colorscheme vibrantink
   "colorscheme desert256
   "colorscheme 256-grayvim
   "colorscheme blackboard
   "colorscheme darkspectrum
+  " Builtin?
+  "colorscheme zenburn
+  colorscheme herald
+  "colorscheme kellys
   " Set universal Folded colors for all themes, since most
   " fudge it up and make it unreadable
   if &background=="light"
   " Make the line numbers always readable
   hi LineNr            ctermfg=67  ctermbg=0
+  " Make matching parenthesis always clearly visible
+  hi MatchParen        ctermfg=160  ctermbg=226 cterm=bold
   set t_Co=16
 set smartcase                     " Override ignorecase if search contains Upper case characters
 set nobackup                      " No backup of file before overwrite
 set hlsearch                      " highlight search matches
-set wrap                          " Wrap lines(vs. nowrap)
+set nowrap                        " Wrap lines(vs. nowrap)
 set number                        " Linenumbers???
 set confirm                       " Confirm some actions
 set ruler                         " Show cursor coordinates in bottom right

File .zsh/aliases

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 alias sprunge='curl -F "sprunge=<-" http://sprunge.us'
 alias svim='sudoedit'
 alias ss='source ~/.zshrc'
+alias vim="vim --remote-silent"
 #package mgmt
 alias install='sudo pacman -S'
 alias search='yaourt -Ss'
 alias pacls='pacman -Ql'
 alias update='yaourt -Syu'
+alias i='yaourt -Qi'
 # filetypes
 alias -s pdf=okular