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3.x help not showing custom option help

created an issue

Had to downgrade to CommandLineApp 2.6 to get help to work for added options. Running on Python 2.5 on Leopard.

This is true both of my code, and using csvcat. (e.g. '--col' option never appears in either short or verbose help output.)

Also, fwiw, using the tip of the repository, the tests report one failure - on the verbose help. However, even the non-verbose custom options don't display.

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  1. Doug Hellmann repo owner

    Downgrade from what, 3.0? I haven't started dealing with 3.0 support, yet. Patches welcome, of course. :-)

    I'll check on the failing test when I get a chance, but at this point it will probably be after PyCon. Thanks for the bug report.

  2. halwine reporter

    Ah - I didn't realize the latest version posted on the feed wasn't the supported one. So, I didn't downgrade, I just "used the correct one"! ;-)

    Enjoy PyCon!

  3. halwine reporter

    Sorry for the confusion - I am using Python 2.5 on Mac (Leopard default install). It was CommandLineApp 3.x that does not work for me, but 2.6 works fine.

  4. halwine reporter

    patch to "pep8-ify" the user added options tests, so they will run in cla 3.x (these tests fail)

    Hopefully, this at least clarifies what I think is broken :) I'll take a look at a fix (now that I have failing unit tests), but the introspection code may be too much for me.

  5. halwine reporter

    Sigh. Never mind, Doug. I missed the PEP8 change in name from 'optionHandler_fu' to 'option_handler_fu', so it wasn't finding any options. (That does make it not backward compatible, though, so I'm not sure how you want to handle that in the docs.)

    Here's a _correct_ version of the added tests, PEP 8 compliant.

  6. Doug Hellmann repo owner

    Ah, that name change threw off a couple of other people, too. I thought the move from 2.x to 3.x would be a signal about the lack of backwards compatibility, but I should document it more clearly. Now that I have my reST-fu worked out, I should be able to produce some useful docs when I have a bit of time.

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