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Quoting arguments to expandpath to allow for spaces in the arguments.

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         # - Removing extra slashes (e.g., when TMPDIR ends in a slash)
         # - Expanding variables (e.g., $foo)
         # - Converting ~s to complete paths (e.g., ~/ to /home/brian/ and ~arthur to /home/arthur)
-        workon_home_dir=$(virtualenvwrapper_expandpath $workon_home_dir)
+        workon_home_dir=$(virtualenvwrapper_expandpath "$workon_home_dir")
     echo "$workon_home_dir"
                 i=$(( $i + 1 ));
-                requirements=$(virtualenvwrapper_expandpath $requirements);;
+                requirements=$(virtualenvwrapper_expandpath "$requirements");;
                 if [ ${#out_args} -gt 0 ]
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