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Why put the cloned repo in 'src'?

Jeremy Cantrell
created an issue

Should it not just be cloned to the root of the project directory?

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  1. Doug Hellmann repo owner
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    I originally used "src" because when combined with virtualenvwrapper.project you get a "project/src" directory. After using it like that for a while, though, I agree that calling it "project/project" makes it easier to use other tools (especially Murky).

  2. Doug Hellmann repo owner

    The main source code repository may be only part of the project. I frequently have files that are not in source control (e.g., tarballs of source for dependencies), branch repositories, and other stuff that I want in my project directory but not in the DVCS.

  3. Jeremy Cantrell reporter

    Ah, okay. I think I just didn't understand the original purpose of this plugin. I'm going to change my github version of this plugin to do "project/project".

    One question though. Can you describe what the workflow is like with this? "mkproject -t bitbucket myproject" and then add your other dependencies manually?

  4. Doug Hellmann repo owner

    Yeah, that's pretty much what I do. You can give more than one template to mkproject, so if you have another template you can use it to pre-install stuff. For example, if there was a "django" template you could "mkproject -t django -t bitbucket myproject" and have it install Django then check out the source for myproject from bitbucket.

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