Duplication on file organization

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Helder Correia
created an issue

Hey, when I create a new project with a django template, I get 3 times the name of my project in the directory structure.

{{{ $ mkproject -p python2.6 -t django trails }}}

One for virtualenv, and two for django.

{{{ trails trails/trails trails/trails/manage.py trails/trails/trails trails/trails/trails/init.py trails/trails/trails/settings.py trails/trails/trails/urls.py trails/trails/trails/wsgi.py }}}

I would prefer to have django installed to the same dir that mkproject creates.

django-admin.py has the following usage:

{{{ django-admin.py startproject [options] [name] [optional destination directory] }}}

So this could happen...

{{{ subprocess.check_call(['django-admin.py', 'startproject', project, '.']) }}}

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