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documentation for -a <project_path> flag

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-    mkvirtualenv [-i package] [-r requirements_file] [virtualenv options] ENVNAME
+    mkvirtualenv [-a project_path] [-i package] [-r requirements_file] [virtualenv options] ENVNAME
-All command line options except ``-i``, ``-r``, and ``-h`` are passed
+All command line options except ``-a``, ``-i``, ``-r``, and ``-h`` are passed
 directly to ``virtualenv``.  The new environment is automatically
 activated after being initialized.
+The ``-a`` option can be used to associate a project with the new environment.
 The ``-i`` option can be used to install one or more packages (by
 repeating the option) after the environment is created.

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   :Sourced/Run: sourced
 ``$VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_HOOK_DIR/postmkvirtualenv`` is sourced after the new environment
-is created and activated.
+is created and activated. If the ``-a`` <project_path> flag was used,
+the link to the project directory is set up before this script is sourced.
 .. _scripts-precpvirtualenv: