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Doug Hellmann  committed 0cf5fc5

fix issue #10 by removing warning and using an error at runtime

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 Release History
+  - Remove warning during installation if sphinxcontrib.paverutils is not installed. (#10)
   - Added documentation updates provided by Steve Steiner.

File pavement.py

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     from sphinxcontrib import paverutils
-    import warnings
-    warnings.warn('sphinxcontrib.paverutils was not found, you will not be able to produce documentation')
+    paverutils = None
 # What project are we building?
 PROJECT = 'virtualenvwrapper'
 def html(options):
+    if paverutils is None:
+        raise RuntimeError('Building HTML documentation requires the sphinxcontrib.paverutils package')
     # Build the docs
     # Move them into place for packaging
 def website(options):
     """Create local copy of website files.
+    if paverutils is None:
+        raise RuntimeError('Building the website requires the sphinxcontrib.paverutils package')
     # Make sure the base template is updated
     dest = path(options.website.template_dest).expanduser()
     src = path(options.website.template_source).expanduser()