Doug Hellmann committed 343a9f9

fix #60 by setting install_requires instead of requires

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 2010-12-26  Doug Hellmann  <>
+	* Change "requires" to "install_requires" so pip will
+	try to install virtualenv if it is not already there.
 	* (virtualenvwrapper_get_python_version): Use
 	python's -V option and cut to get the version instead of a python
-    requires=['virtualenv'],
+    install_requires=['virtualenv'],
     namespace_packages = [ 'virtualenvwrapper' ],
     packages = find_packages(),


 oneTimeSetUp() {
     rm -rf "$WORKON_HOME"
     mkdir -p "$WORKON_HOME"
-    mkvirtualenv "installtest"
-    (cd "$test_dir/.." && make sdist)
 oneTimeTearDown() {
+test_build_ok () {
+    (cd "$test_dir/.." && make sdist)
+    outcome=$?
+ 	assertSame "0" "$outcome"
 test_install () {
     dist_dir=$(dirname $test_dir)/dist
     pip install "$dist_dir/virtualenvwrapper-$VERSION.tar.gz"
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