Doug Hellmann committed 8eea540

add tests for GREP_OPTIONS problem (ref #51)

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   - Escape ``which`` calls to avoid aliases. Resolves :bbissue:`46`.
+  - Integrate Manuel Kaufmann's patch to unset GREP_OPTIONS before
+    calling grep.  Resolves :bbissue:`51`.
+test_virtualenvwrapper_verify_workon_home_missing_dir_grep_options() {
+    old_home="$WORKON_HOME"
+    WORKON_HOME="$WORKON_HOME/not_there"
+    # This should prevent the message from being found if it isn't
+    # unset correctly.
+    export GREP_OPTIONS="--count"
+    assertFalse "WORKON_HOME verified unexpectedly" virtualenvwrapper_verify_workon_home
+    WORKON_HOME="$old_home"
+    unset GREP_OPTIONS
 test_virtualenvwrapper_verify_workon_home_missing_dir_quiet_init() {
     export WORKON_HOME="$WORKON_HOME/not_there"


     rm -f "$WORKON_HOME/link_env"
+test_virtualenvwrapper_show_workon_options_grep_options () {
+    mkdir "$WORKON_HOME/not_env"
+    (cd "$WORKON_HOME"; ln -s env1 link_env)
+    export GREP_OPTIONS="--count"
+    envs=$(virtualenvwrapper_show_workon_options | tr '\n' ' ')
+    unset GREP_OPTIONS
+    assertSame "env1 env2 link_env " "$envs"
+    rmdir "$WORKON_HOME/not_env"
+    rm -f "$WORKON_HOME/link_env"
 test_virtualenvwrapper_show_workon_options_no_envs () {
     export WORKON_HOME=${TMPDIR:-/tmp}/$$
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