Mike Fogel committed c209d1f

test for 'mkvirtualenv -a <project_path>'

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+#set -x
+test_dir=$(cd $(dirname $0) && pwd)
+export WORKON_HOME="$(echo ${TMPDIR:-/tmp}/WORKON_HOME | sed 's|//|/|g')"
+oneTimeSetUp() {
+    rm -rf "$WORKON_HOME"
+    mkdir -p "$WORKON_HOME"
+    source "$test_dir/../"
+oneTimeTearDown() {
+    rm -rf "$WORKON_HOME"
+    rm -f "$test_dir/requirements.txt"
+setUp () {
+    echo
+    rm -f "$test_dir/catch_output"
+test_associate() {
+    project="/dev/null"
+    env="env1"
+    ptrfile="$WORKON_HOME/$env/.project"
+    mkvirtualenv -a "$project" "$env" >/dev/null 2>&1
+    assertTrue ".project not found" "[ -f $ptrfile ]"
+    assertEquals "$ptrfile contains wrong content" "$project" "$(cat $ptrfile)"
+. "$test_dir/shunit2"
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