Doug Hellmann committed d7f357c

fix another typo, TEST, then add another useful message when the user tries to remove an active environment

extra : convert_revision : svn%3A98f53aa3-d424-0410-b225-a548b0275c4d/Projects/virtualenvwrapper/trunk%401761

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 function rmvirtualenv () {
     typeset env_name="$1"
-    if ["$env_name" == "" ]
+    if [ "$env_name" == "" ]
         echo "Please specify an enviroment."
         return 1
     if [ "$VIRTUAL_ENV" == "$env_dir" ]
         echo "ERROR: You cannot remove the active environment ('$env_name')."
+        echo "Either switch to another environment, or run 'deactivate'."
         return 1
     rm -rf "$env_dir"
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