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bump version number and update announcement text

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- virtualenvwrapper 3.4
+ virtualenvwrapper 3.5
 .. tags:: virtualenvwrapper release python
-What is virtualenvwrapper
+What is virtualenvwrapper?
 virtualenvwrapper_ is a set of extensions to Ian Bicking's virtualenv_
 tool.  The extensions include wrappers for creating and deleting
 making it easier to work on more than one project at a time without
 introducing conflicts in their dependencies.
-What's New
-- Add a "lazy loading" option for startup scripts. Refer to the
-  `installation instructions
-  <>`_
-  for more details.
+What's New?
+- Rewrite ``command-cpvirtualenv`` to use `virtualenv-clone`_
+  instead of making the new environment relocatable. Contributed by
+  Justin Barber (barberj). This also resolves a problem
+  with cpvirtualenv not honoring the ``--no-site-packages`` flag
+  (issue 102).
+- Update docs with link to `virtualenvwrapper-win`_ port by David
+  Marble.
+- Use ``command`` to avoid functions named the same as common
+  utilities. (issue 119)
+.. _virtualenv-clone:
+.. _virtualenvwrapper-win: 
 PROJECT = 'virtualenvwrapper'
 # Change docs/sphinx/ too!
-VERSION = '3.4'
+VERSION = '3.5'
 # Bootstrap installation of Distribute
 import distribute_setup
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