Issue #177 wontfix

I suggest to append "export -f ..." against all functions

Stéphane Klein avatarStéphane Klein created an issue


If I execute a script like content :

mkvirtualenv nose2
pip install -r requirements.txt
python develop

I've this error :

$ ./
./ line 7: mkvirtualenv: command not found

Now, if I append some "export -f" lines in like :

export -f mkvirtualenv
export -f mkproject

then work with success.

This is my :

I've appended one "export -f" by function.

Unfortunately, virtualenvwrapper test don't work.

What do you think about my version ?

Comments (4)

  1. Doug Hellmann

    The preferred mode of use is to just source the wrapper script from the application that needs it. Otherwise the caller has to know to set up the wrappers before using the script. However, if the export syntax is portable, I could see including those changes.

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