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OS X: HDD with space in name problematic for lsvirtualenv and workon commands (maybe others too) ...

Michael Hulse
created an issue

Based on Google Groups conversation found here:

It looks like a drive name that contains spaces will break the workon and lsvirtualenv commands (they fail silently).

Some background:

My computer has multiple drives. When I installed OS X, I opted to put my user folder on one of the secondary drives.

After moving my user folder to another drive (I copied it using a deep copy via terminal), I went to system prefs and:

  • Opened "User & Groups" and unlocked panel.
  • Right-clicked on my user and selected "Advanced Options".
  • From the advanced options, I chose my new home folder on the secondary drive: /Volumes/SCRATCH 1/username (note the space).
  • Restart machine.

Today, based on above thread/conversation I had with Doug, I changed this:

export WORKON_HOME=$HOME/.virtualenvs 

... to this:

export WORKON_HOME=/tmp/foo/.virtualenvs 

... and I was able to run workon and lsvirtualenv (it returned a list of my virtualenvs).


It looks like it could be a problem with the space in the drive name, or maybe there's a problem with me having my user's home folder on a secondary drive (OS and Apps are on the primary drive).

Let me know if I can provide more information and/or help you test.


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