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virtualenvwrapper dosen't set $ENVNAME

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Hi guys. When I try to work on some python environment created with virtualenvwrapper (through mkvirtualenv or mkproject) I can't find the $ENVNAME variable. Without this I can't make any kind of alias or other things to work with an especific project directory.

Ex: decko@zionX201:~/dev/wttd$ echo $PROJECT_HOME $ /home/decko/dev

decko@zionX201:~/dev/wttd$ workon wttd (wttd)decko@zionX201:~/dev/wttd$

(wttd)decko@zionX201:~/dev/wttd$ echo $ENVNAME $

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  1. decko_ reporter

    No. $VIRTUAL_ENV returns where the python and his libs are instaled. There's no variable returning the project directory that is associated with a virtual environment?

  2. decko_ reporter

    Sorry about using the issue to communicate, but there's some way to discover the name of the environment activated? So, I can use $PROJECT_HOME + $SOME_VAR to get the project directory...

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