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need better documentation for VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_PYTHON

Doug Hellmann avatarDoug Hellmann created an issue

The Python interpreter found in the $PATH when is sourced will be used by virtualenvwrapper commands regardless of changes to $PATH later. This prevents virtualenvwrapper from using a python interpreter inside a virtualenv (unless that's the one in the $PATH, of course).

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  1. Doug Hellmann

    Full details from Markus:

    I have had a little problem after updating to virtualenvwrapper 2.0.2 and found your message on Twitter about the issue. After updating to the new virtualenvwrapper I got the error "/usr/bin/python: No module named virtualenvwrapper". I am using MacOS.

    Maybe the solution I found for me can help:

    The error is produced when you 'source' By the way: I first had to find out that there is no virtualenvwrapper_bashrc anymore. But that's just because I didn't read your blog post about the new release.

    I am using distribute/pip for installing and updating Python packages. It made no difference for me if I used '--upgrade' with pip or did a complete new install of virtualenvwrapper with 'pip install'.

    I found the problem to be with my environment. I use the Python distribution for MacOS provided by instead of the one bundled with MacOS (in /usr/bin/). This means I set my PATH variable to include /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.6/bin prepending /usr/bin/. Since checks for a Python interpreter by doing '$(which python)' it is important to source _AFTER_ the PATH is set. Or setting VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_PYTHON, I guess. After making sure I source after the PATH is set correctly in my bash configuration it works. This was not a problem with virtualenvwrapper_bashrc.

    Best regards, -Markus-

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