Issue #173 resolved

virtualenvwrapper-post_activate-hook-XXXXXXXXXX.RCMtGS0r:cd:12: no such file or directory

Martin Rio
created an issue

Started seeing this error recently and I can't figure out how to fix it:

$ workon myenv
/var/folders/ry/8hvk_wy94g5158lxvykfchr80000gn/T/virtualenvwrapper-post_activate-hook-XXXXXXXXXX.RCMtGS0r:cd:12: no such file or directory: ^[[38;5;197m/^[[39m^[[38;5;15mUsers^[[39m^[[38;5;197m/^[[39m^[[38;5;15maxolx^[[39m^[[38;5;197m/^[[39m^[[38;5;15msandbox^[[39m^[[38;5;197m/^[[39m^[[38;5;15menvs^[[39m^[[38;5;197m/^[[39m^[[38;5;15mmyenv^[[39m

The messy characters print like that my shell. I'm using Python 2.7.3 and virtualenvwrapper 3.6.1. Activating the virtualenv manually works fine and I tried reinstalling virtuanenvwrapper. Would really appreciate any helps/pointers.

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  1. Martin Rio reporter

    Doug -- You nailed it. The culprit was my alias for cat which does some syntax highlighting. Disabling it solves the issue. Thanks so much for the support & the fantastic virtualenvwrapper.

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