Issue #215 resolved

workon launched from zsh enters in an infinite recursion

Jan Dittberner
created an issue

I got the following bug report for the Debian package of virtualenvwrapper:

  • Package: virtualenvwrapper
  • Version: 4.1.1-1
  • Severity: grave
  • Justification: renders package unusable

Dear Maintainer,

After switching to virtualenvwrapper_lazy instead of the 'normal' virtualenvwrapper file in my ~/.zshrc I noticed a speed up when opening a new terminal but as soon as I tried to use "workon env" the terminal hang CTRL-C or Z it did not kill anything.

After having added some debugging echo in the virtualenvwrapper_lazy script I noticed that it enters into what seems to me and infinite recursion.

My zsh version is 5.0.2.

Thank you.

Versions of packages virtualenvwrapper depends on:

  • ii libjs-sphinxdoc 1.1.3+dfsg-8
  • ii python 2.7.5-5
  • ii python-stevedore 0.10-2
  • ii python-virtualenv 1.10.1-1
  • ii virtualenv-clone 0.2.4-1

Versions of packages virtualenvwrapper recommends: * ii bash-completion 1:2.1-2

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  1. Daniel Hahler

    I remember having the same problem (Ubuntu/Debian).

    This is caused by the shell completion (setup): it sets up "virtualenvwrapper_load" for all commands via:

    compctl -K virtualenvwrapper_load $(echo ${_VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_API})

    But then the load function (which just does source "$VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_SCRIPT") does not setup the real completion for all commands and/or it is problematic for zsh in general to replace the completion function from the original completion itself.

    I remember it having hung, crashed or just misbehave. IIRC I upgraded Zsh back then, which made it less crashy, but eventually I gave up and just commented the hack, which adds completion to the lazy-loading wrapper function.

    For reference, this is the Debian bug report:

  2. Daniel Hahler

    Here is some more info from my questions in #zsh about this:

    • zsh is crashing, if "compctl -K" gets recursive.
    • You can reset a completion using "compctl + foo", but that does not appear to work from inside the function (which is called via compctl itself).
    • I think the best fix appears to make sure that the main script only gets sourced once, and not touch the compctl definitions that do not get setup.
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