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hooks for all venvs

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I have two (maybe 3) hooks proposals

add extra things ok venv creation (install software you will always use inside the venv pip,ipython,etc. useful for --no-site-package venvs)

add extra things on workon (set some venv specific variables common to all venvs)

add extra things on vevn delete (this i'm not sure but how about making sure the are no outstanding changes in any of the repositories inside the venv)

Here is the content of my current extra_* files. Patch with the stuff to add the hooks for them.


$ cat extra_mkvenv cd $VIRTUAL_ENV easy_install pip



$ cat extra_work

this function will overwrite the default behavior of cd to go to the root of the venv, to go to HOME use cd ~

cd () { if (( $# == 0 )) then builtin cd $VIRTUAL_ENV else builtin cd "$@" fi }

move into the venv after activated



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