Issue #8 resolved

Modify the WORKON_HOME breaks workon command

Encolpe Degoute
created an issue

Hello, Here comes my user story:

In a first place I let the original WORKON_HOME set to //$HOME/.virtualenvs//.

I created a virtualenv V1 then make it relocatable.

I modify the WORKON_HOME to ///opt/python-envs// and move V1 into that new place. The //workon// script was always setting the VIRTUAL_ENV to //$HOME/.virtualenvs/V1//.

The error was coming from the //V1/bin/activate// script that uses the following code:

{{{ VIRTUAL_ENV="/home/gosseyn/.virtualenvs/V1" export VIRTUAL_ENV }}}

I propose this modification :

{{{ if [ "$WORKON_HOME" = "" ] then export WORKON_HOME="$HOME/.virtualenvs" fi


It let people use the activate script without //workon// wrapper.

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  1. Doug Hellmann repo owner

    The activate script isn't being created by virtualenvwrapper, so if it includes settings that aren't valid after making an environment relocatable you should open a ticket on the virtualenv tracker.

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