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virtualenvwrapper (5c88ad1fbd74)
  1. Anonymous
  • Added testing and updated docs for python 3.4.

  • Update links and name for venv post.

  • Removes empty when list all virtualenvs

    Fixes #265

  • add test for previous patch

    verify that virtualenvwrapper_show_workon_options does not include blank lines in its output

    Change-Id: I630f94b8462c1f55cfad339f42c564d5fe65aae3

  • quiet some of the lsvirtualenv tests

    Change-Id: I913e28f14e1c85308b1849056230495682508fc0

  • remove some explicit tox environments

    Tox knows about different python versions without us having to be explicit, so consolidate some of the configuration to take advantage of tox's feature.

    Change-Id: I1b83cf23ad2a513c7b22c8ac5e19f3d9b54e8cb1

  • Restore overridden cd command to its default builtin behaviour.

  • Detect MSYS if MSYSTEM is MINGW64

  • Change install docs to use --user

    This changes the install docs to use pip install --user instead of pip install --install-option="--user". --user is indeed the option to use for a user-scheme installation.

    See http://pip.readthedocs.org/en/latest/user_guide.html#user-installs.

  • enhance verbose output of hook loader

    Fix the logging configuration so the console output actually appears.

    Move the console log output to stderr.

    Clean up some of the indivual log messages.

    Change-Id: I55d1bda61eca7435c3cc776cade8920412f31e03

  • Pass stream as arg rather than kwarg to avoid py26 conflict. Fixes issue #274. StreamHandler arg was named strm in python 2.6

  • update to work with tox 2.1.1

  • temporary dir fixes for OS X El Capitan (10.11)

  • add testing for python 3.5

  • more dir fixes for El Capitan

  • update REAMDE with new bug tracker URL

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