Opera Dragonfly Manual Test Suite

Tests are in tests organized per component. The component directory can have subdirectories. Additional HTML, CSS and JS to use the suite are in src. To build the test suite run:

$ python

This builds the testsuite in build in the same repo.

The test descriptions are in the README files. A README file can contain several tests. Tests are separated by a blank lines. A line starting with '#' is a comment and will be disregarded. A test must have a label and a description, it can have an optional url. The label starts with 'label:' followed by the label, on the same or on a new line. The description must describe the condition to define if a given test fails or passes. It starts with 'desc:' followed by a list of steps to iterate through the test. Each step can start with a '-' or a '*'. An example test entry:

label: Reset color value
url: ./index.html
 - Open the testcase and inspect "test".
 - Click the color swatch of the color declaration to open the color picker.
 - Change the current color.
 - Verify that the color can be reset to the initial value by clicking the
   left part of the color example in the top right corner.

'url:' can be relative to the README file or absolute.