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de-RFC Metadata 1.3, with email.policy demo

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File pep-0426.txt

 third-party packaging of Python Software easier and defines a
 formal extension mechanism.  The fields are "Setup-Requires-Dist"
 "Provides-Extra", and "Extension".  This version also adds the `extra`
-variable to the `environment markers` specification.
+variable to the `environment markers` specification and allows the
+description to be placed into a payload section.
 Metadata Files
 The syntax defined in this PEP is for use with Python distribution
 metadata files. The file format is a simple UTF-8 encoded Key: value
-format with no maximum line length.  It is parseable by the ``email``
-module with an appropriate ``email.policy.Policy()``.  The field names
-listed in the `Fields`_ section are used as the header names.
+format with no maximum line length, followed by a blank line and an
+arbitrary payload.  It is parseable by the ``email`` module with an
+appropriate ``email.policy.Policy()``.
 In Python 3.2, a serviceable read-only parser is::
 * the ``PKG-INFO`` file included in the base directory of Python
   source distribution archives (as created by the distutils ``sdist``
-* the ``dist-info/METADATA`` files in a Python installation database, as
+* the ``.dist-info/METADATA`` files in a Python installation database, as
   described in PEP 376.
-Other tools involved in Python distribution may choose to record this
-metadata in additional tool-specific locations (e.g. as part of a
-binary distribution archive format).
+Other tools involved in Python distribution may also use this format.
     Summary: A module for collecting votes from beagles.
-Description (optional)
+Description (optional, deprecated)
 A longer description of the distribution that can run to several
 paragraphs.  Software that deals with metadata should not assume
-any maximum size for this field, though people shouldn't include
-their instruction manual as the description.
+any maximum size for this field.
 The contents of this field can be written using reStructuredText
 markup [1]_.  For programs that work with the metadata, supporting
 field as-is.  This means that authors should be conservative in
 the markup they use.
-To support empty lines and lines with indentation and maintain
-compatibility with ``email.parser.Parser()``, any CRLF character has to
-be suffixed by 7 spaces followed by a pipe ("|") char. As a result, the
-Description field is encoded into a folded field that can be interpreted
-by RFC822 parser [2]_.
+Since a line separator immediately followed by another line separator
+indicates the end of the headers section, any line separator must be
+suffixed by whitespace to indicate continuation.
-    Description: This project provides powerful math functions
-            |For example, you can use `sum()` to sum numbers:
-            |
-            |Example::
-            |
-            |    >>> sum(1, 2)
-            |    3
-            |
-This encoding implies that any occurences of a CRLF followed by 7 spaces
-and a pipe char have to be replaced by a single CRLF when the field is unfolded
-using a RFC822 reader.
+Since Metadata 1.3 the recommended place for the description is in the
+payload section of the document, after the last header.  The description
+needs no special formatting when included in the payload.
 Keywords (optional)
     License: GPL version 3, excluding DRM provisions
+The full text of the license would normally be included in a separate
 Classifier (multiple use)
 Summary of Differences From PEP 345
-* Values are now expected to be UTF-8
+* Metadata-Version is now 1.3.
-* Metadata-Version is now 1.3.
+* Values are now expected to be UTF-8.
+* A payload (containing the description) may appear after the headers.
 * Added `extra` to environment markers.
 * Changed fields:
   - Requires-Dist
+  - Description
 * Added fields:
   - Setup-Requires-Dist
   - Provides-Extra
-  - Extension
+  - Extension    
 .. _`Python Package Index`:
-.. [2] RFC 822 Long Header Fields:
+.. [2] PEP 301:
+Parsing and generating the Metadata 1.3 serialization format using
+Python 3.3::
+    # Metadata 1.3 demo
+    from email.generator import Generator
+    from email import header 
+    from email.parser import Parser 
+    from email.policy import Compat32 
+    from email.utils import _has_surrogates
+    class MetadataPolicy(Compat32):
+        max_line_length = 0
+        continuation_whitespace = '\t'
+        def _sanitize_header(self, name, value):
+            if not isinstance(value, str):
+                return value
+            if _has_surrogates(value):
+                raise NotImplementedError()
+            else:
+                return value
+        def _fold(self, name, value, sanitize):
+            body = ((self.linesep+self.continuation_whitespace)
+                    .join(value.splitlines()))
+            return ''.join((name, ': ', body, self.linesep))
+    if __name__ == "__main__":
+        import sys
+        import textwrap
+        pkg_info = """\
+    Metadata-Version: 1.3
+    Name: package
+    Version: 0.1.0
+    Summary: A package.
+    Description: Description
+        ===========
+        A description of the package.
+    """
+        m = Parser(policy=MetadataPolicy()).parsestr(pkg_info)
+        m['License'] = 'GPL'
+        description = m['Description']
+        description_lines = description.splitlines()
+        m.set_payload(description_lines[0] 
+                + '\n' 
+                + textwrap.dedent('\n'.join(description_lines[1:])) 
+                + '\n')
+        del m['Description']
+        # Correct if sys.stdout.encoding == 'UTF-8':
+        Generator(sys.stdout, maxheaderlen=0).flatten(m)