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PEP: 360
Title: Externally Maintained Packages
Version: $Revision$
Last-Modified: $Date$
Author: Brett Cannon <>
Status: Final
Type: Process
Content-Type: text/x-rst
Created: 30-May-2006

.. warning:: No new modules are to be added to this PEP.  It has been
             deemed dangerous to codify external maintenance of any
             code checked into Python's code repository.  Code
             contributors should expect Python's development
             methodology to be used for any and all code checked into
             Python's code repository.


There are many great pieces of Python software developed outside of
the Python standard library (a.k.a., the "stdlib").  Sometimes it
makes sense to incorporate these externally maintained packages into
the stdlib in order to fill a gap in the tools provided by Python.

But by having the packages maintained externally it means Python's
developers do not have direct control over the packages' evolution and
maintenance.  Some package developers prefer to have bug reports and
patches go through them first instead of being directly applied to
Python's repository.

This PEP is meant to record details of packages in the stdlib that are
maintained outside of Python's repository.  Specifically, it is meant
to keep track of any specific maintenance needs for each package.  It
should be mentioned that changes needed in order to fix bugs and keep
the code running on all of Python's supported platforms will be done
directly in Python's repository without worrying about going through
the contact developer.  This is so that Python itself is not held up
by a single bug and allows the whole process to scale as needed.

It also is meant to allow people to know which version of a package is
released with which version of Python.

Externally Maintained Packages

The section title is the name of the package as it is known outside of
the Python standard library.  The "standard library name" is what the
package is named within Python.  The "contact person" is the Python
developer in charge of maintaining the package.  The "synchronisation
history" lists what external version of the package was included in
each version of Python (if different from the previous Python


:Web site:
:Standard library name:
:Contact person:
    Fredrik Lundh

Fredrik has ceded ElementTree maintenance to the core Python development
team [#element-tree]_. 

Expat XML parser

:Web site:
:Standard library name:
    N/A (this refers to the parser itself, and not the Python
:Contact person:


:Web site:
:Standard library name:
:Contact person:
    Greg Ward

External development seems to have ceased. For new applications, optparse
itself has been largely superseded by argparse.

:Web site:
:Standard library name:
:Contact Person:
    Phillip J. Eby

This module is maintained in the standard library, but significant bug
reports and patches should pass through the Web-SIG mailing list
[#web-sig]_ for discussion.


.. [#element-tree] Fredrik's handing over of ElementTree

.. [#web-sig] Web-SIG mailing list


This document has been placed in the public domain.

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