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Fix duplicate DocumentPlugin.parsed() called when wsdl imports schema.

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 __version__ = '0.4'
-__build__="(beta) R692-20100831"
+__build__="(beta) R693-20100901"
 # Exceptions
     @type ctxclass: dict
-    domain = {\
-        'init':InitContext,
-        'document':DocumentContext,
-        'message':MessageContext,
+    domains = {\
+        'init': (InitContext, InitPlugin),
+        'document': (DocumentContext, DocumentPlugin),
+        'message': (MessageContext, MessagePlugin ),
     def __init__(self, plugins):
         self.plugins = plugins
     def __getattr__(self, name):
-        ctx = self.domain.get(name)
-        if ctx:
-            return PluginDomain(ctx, self.plugins)
+        domain =
+        if domain:
+            plugins = []
+            ctx, pclass = domain
+            for p in self.plugins:
+                if isinstance(p, pclass):
+                    plugins.append(p)
+            return PluginDomain(ctx, plugins)
             raise Exception, 'plugin domain (%s), invalid' % name
 from suds.transport import Request
 from suds.cache import Cache, NoCache
 from import DocumentStore
+from suds.plugin import PluginContainer
 from logging import getLogger
         @type options: I{Options}
         self.options = options
+        self.plugins = PluginContainer(options.plugins)
     def mangle(self, name, x):
         if d is None:
             d =
             cache.put(id, d)
+        self.plugins.document.parsed(root=d.root())
         return d
     def download(self, url):
 from suds.xsd.query import ElementQuery
 from suds.sudsobject import Object, Facade, Metadata
 from suds.reader import DocumentReader, DefinitionsReader
-from suds.plugin import PluginContainer
 from urlparse import urljoin
 import re, soaparray
         reader = DocumentReader(options)
         d =
         root = d.root()
-        plugins = PluginContainer(options.plugins)
-        plugins.document.parsed(root=root)
         WObject.__init__(self, root) = objid(self)
         self.options = options


 tranparent referenced type resolution and targeted denormalization.
-from logging import getLogger
 import suds.metrics
 from suds import *
 from suds.xsd import *
 from suds.xsd.deplist import DepList
 from suds.sax.element import Element
 from suds.sax import splitPrefix, Namespace
-from suds.plugin import PluginContainer
+from logging import getLogger
 log = getLogger(__name__)
         self.attributes = {}
         self.groups = {}
         self.agrps = {}
-        plugins = PluginContainer(options.plugins)
-        plugins.document.parsed(root=root)
         if is not None:
         form = self.root.get('elementFormDefault')
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