A TWiT podcast improver.

Like many of you, I grew tired of listening to the This Week in Tech
( panel blabber on, and on, and on about how amazing
Twitter is. I enjoy the rest of the show, but they have to ruin it with
their incessant fawning.

Not any more!

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you: TwitterKiller. This fabulous
program uses pocketsphinx (
and gnonlin ( to detect, mark, and 
edit out sentences containing the word 'TWITTER'. The result: e.g.
TWiT0192H.redacted.ogg, a shorter podcast with significantly reduced
TWITTER. Enjoy TWiT again with TwitterKiller, the lean, mean,
TWITTER-reducing machine.

Alternatively, by switching "if not omit:" to "if omit:" in
Media.redact(), you can produce an all-Twitter TWiT.

Technical Information
This program uses a language model built by submitting
part of the human-generated TWiT episode 192 transcript to, in the 3286/
directory. You may have poorer results with other episodes of TWiT.

For more consistent results, the program always transcodes Mp3 to a WAV
with the same name before performing other operations, even if the .wav
file already exists, in which case it will be overwritten. To skip this,
select the generated .wav as the input file when running a second time.

pocketsphinx and its gstreamer plugin are not provided as a package
in Ubuntu. The must be compiled and installed manually before
this program can run.

Daniel Holth <>
April, 2009.