Sergey Schetinin  committed 0a378fe

make CacheControl usage of UpdateDict overridable via CacheControl.update_dict [from pycon2011 sprint]

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File webob/

 import re
-import re
 class UpdateDict(dict):
     only apply to requests or responses).
+    update_dict = UpdateDict
     def __init__(self, properties, type): = properties
         self.type = type
         ``updates_to``, if that is given.
         if updates_to:
-            props = UpdateDict()
+            props = cls.update_dict()
             props.updated = updates_to
             props = {}

File webob/

-import sys, re, urlparse, zlib, struct
+import re, urlparse, zlib, struct
 from datetime import datetime, date, timedelta
 from webob.headers import ResponseHeaders