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use json.dumps instead of pprint

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 def verify(wheelfile):
     """Verify a wheel."""
-    import pprint
     wf = WheelFile(wheelfile)
     sig_name = wf.distinfo_name + '/RECORD.jws'
     sig = json.loads(native(wf.zipfile.open(sig_name).read()))
-    sys.stdout.write("Signatures are internally consistent.\n%s\n" % (
-                     pprint.pformat(signatures.verify(sig),)))
+    verified = signatures.verify(sig)
+    sys.stderr.write("Signatures are internally consistent.\n")
+    sys.stdout.write(json.dumps(verified, indent=2))
+    sys.stdout.write('\n')
 def unpack(wheelfile, dest='.'):
     """Unpack a wheel.
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