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Paul Moore  committed 61d8b41

Use wheel.pkginfo in wheel.install

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File wheel/install.py

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 import zipfile
 import hashlib
 import csv
-from email.parser import Parser
 from wheel.decorator import reify
 from wheel.util import urlsafe_b64encode, from_json,\
     urlsafe_b64decode, native, binary
 from wheel import signatures
+from wheel.pkginfo import read_pkg_info_bytes
 # The next major version after this version of the 'wheel' tool:
     def parsed_wheel_info(self):
         """Parse wheel metadata"""
-        return Parser().parse(self.zipfile.open(self.wheelinfo_name))
+        return read_pkg_info_bytes(self.zipfile.read(self.wheelinfo_name))
     def check_version(self):
         version = self.parsed_wheel_info['Wheel-Version']

File wheel/pkginfo.py

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 if not _PY3:
     from email.generator import Generator
+    def read_pkg_info_bytes(bytestr):
+        return Parser().parsestr(bytestr)
     def read_pkg_info(path):
         with open(path, "r") as headers:
             message = Parser().parse(headers)
     from email.generator import BytesGenerator
+    def read_pkg_info_bytes(bytestr):
+        headers = bytestr.decode(encoding="ascii", errors="surrogateescape")
+        message = Parser().parsestr(headers)
+        return message
     def read_pkg_info(path):
         with open(path, "r",