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python27, console script fixes

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 import os
 import baker
 import ed25519ll
+import hashlib
 import sys
 import keyring
 import wheel.install
         raise Exception("Keyring is broken. Could not retrieve secret key.")
-def sign(wheelfile, replace=False):
-    """Sign a wheel"""
-    import hashlib    
+def sign(wheelfiles, replace=False):
+    """Sign a wheel"""    
     wf = wheel.install.WheelFile(wheelfile, append=True)
     record_name = wf.distinfo_name + '/RECORD'
     sig_name = wf.distinfo_name + '/RECORD.jws'
+def main(): # needed for console script
+    wb.run()
 if __name__ == "__main__":
-    wb.run()
+    main()


     def native(s):
         return s
     def binary(s):
+        if isinstance(s, unicode):
+            return s.encode('latin1')
         return s
 except NameError:
     def native(s):
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