Daniel Holth avatar Daniel Holth committed 93cb8c1

tolerate s/mime signatures as RECORD.p7s
(as a courtesy to users who depend on s/mime; no 'official' wheel tool uses

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         record_name = '/'.join((self.distinfo_name, 'RECORD'))
         sig_name = '/'.join((self.distinfo_name, 'RECORD.jws'))
+        # tolerate s/mime signatures: 
+        smime_sig_name = '/'.join((self.distinfo_name, 'RECORD.p7s'))
         zipfile.set_expected_hash(record_name, None)
         zipfile.set_expected_hash(sig_name, None)
+        zipfile.set_expected_hash(smime_sig_name, None)
         record = zipfile.read(record_name)
         record_digest = urlsafe_b64encode(hashlib.sha256(record).digest())
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