Daniel Holth avatar Daniel Holth committed 97d5564

expose setup.py bdist_wheel --skip-scripts

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                     ('group=', 'g',
                      "Group name used when creating a tar file"
                      " [default: current group]"),
+                    ('skip-scripts', None,
+                     "skip building the setuptools console_scripts",
+                     "(default: false)"),
     boolean_options = ['keep-temp', 'skip-build', 'relative']
         self.relative = False
         self.owner = None
         self.group = None
+        self.skip_scripts = False
     def finalize_options(self):
         if self.bdist_dir is None:
         install.skip_build = self.skip_build
         install.warn_dir = False
-        install_scripts = self.reinitialize_command('install_scripts')
-        install_scripts.no_ep = True
+        if self.skip_scripts:
+            # A wheel without setuptools scripts is more cross-platform. 
+            install_scripts = self.reinitialize_command('install_scripts')
+            install_scripts.no_ep = True
         # Use a custom scheme for the archive, because we have to decide
         # at installation time which scheme to use.
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