Daniel Holth avatar Daniel Holth committed de11a24

include wheel.signatures in packages

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+- Fix wheel.signatures in sdist
 - Integrated digital signatures support without C extensions.
 CHANGES = codecs.open(os.path.join(here, 'CHANGES.txt'), encoding='utf8').read()
-      version='0.9.3',
+      version='0.9.4',
       description='A built-package format for Python.',
       long_description=README + '\n\n' +  CHANGES,
       keywords='wheel packaging',
-      packages=['wheel', 'wheel.test', 'wheel.tool'],
+      packages=['wheel', 'wheel.test', 'wheel.tool', 'wheel.signatures'],
       install_requires=['distribute>=0.6.28', 'markerlib'],
           'signatures': [],
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