Pierre Jaury committed e59e807

Fix #85 regarding backward compatibility with python-keyring <= 3.0

Since keyring 3.0, backward compatibility references to legacy backend names
have been removed. Thus, wheel is broken when trying to import directly from
keyring.backend. Instead, import from keyring.backend.file.

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     kr = keyring.get_keyring()
     kr.set_password("wheel", vk, sk)
     sys.stdout.write("Created Ed25519 keypair with vk={0}\n".format(vk))
-    if isinstance(kr, keyring.backend.BasicFileKeyring):
+    if isinstance(kr, keyring.backends.file.BaseKeyring):
         sys.stdout.write("in {0}\n".format(kr.file_path))
         sys.stdout.write("in %r\n" % kr.__class__)