Wagner Bruna committed 031e240

thread: fix display of SSL error messages

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                 if len(parts) == 7:
                     file, line, level, errno, lib, func, reason = parts
                     if func == 'SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE':
-                        err = local._('SSL: Server certificate verify failed')
+                        err = _('SSL: Server certificate verify failed')
                     elif errno == '00000000':
-                        err = local._('SSL: unknown error %s:%s') % (file, line)
+                        err = _('SSL: unknown error %s:%s') % (file, line)
-                        err = local._('SSL error: %s') % reason
+                        err = _('SSL error: %s') % reason
             self.ui.write_err(err + '\n')
         except (Exception, OSError, IOError), e:
             self.ui.write_err(str(e) + '\n')
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