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Interactive Radial Chart

A simple demonstration of using D3's partition layout to interactively build
a sunburst/radial chart.

You can view it in action here: http://kevindias.com/projects/radial/

Bug reports or suggestions for improvement can be submitted to the Bitbucket
repo: https://bitbucket.org/dias.kev/radial-chart-demo/

The demo has been kept as a single HTML file to make it easy to download and
run locally if you aren't using Internet Explorer (which needs an extra script
for the export function).

Browser Notes

Firefox, Chrome, and Opera support all of the features used by the demo.

Safari should work, although it doesn't support the download attribute on
anchor elements so chart export is a bit clunky.

Internet Explorer 9+ mostly works, but SVG support isn't good enough for easy
chart export. The download preview image isn't scaled down properly and the
image mimetype isn't recognised so you have to change the filetype to SVG after

Webkit browsers running on Windows do terrible things to text laid out on
curved paths. It works, but it isn't pretty.