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Semigroup on containers

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                      ) where
 import Data.Monoid
+import Data.Sequence
+import qualified Data.Set as S
+import qualified Data.Map as M
+import qualified Data.IntSet as IS
+import qualified Data.IntMap as IM
 import Control.Monad.Identity
 import Control.Applicative
 instance Semigroup [a] where
   (.++.) = (++)
+instance Semigroup (Seq a) where
+  (.++.) = mappend
+instance Ord a => Semigroup (S.Set a) where
+  (.++.) = mappend
+instance Ord k => Semigroup (M.Map k v) where
+  (.++.) = mappend
+instance Semigroup IS.IntSet where
+  (.++.) = mappend
+instance Semigroup (IM.IntMap v) where
+  (.++.) = mappend
   Description:       Choose the new, split-up base package.
-  Build-Depends:     base < 5 && >= 3, mtl
+  Build-Depends:     base < 5 && >= 3, mtl, containers
   GHC-Options:       -Wall
   Exposed-Modules:   Data.Semigroup
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