XEngine Project

XEngine was extracted as a separate project from LESh project. Contains "standard" PHP library, auxillary functions, drop-in replacements for unsafe PHP methods.

Used in several projects:

and will be used in many others.

Logo and History

  1. An X means anything. This library contains everything you need.
  2. All XEngine code born during crutch-based development. That's why two crossed crutches is our logo.

Please note we really don't like crutches. This library helps you not to produce crutches in buisness logic.


Every project using trunk XEngine must be aware of XEngine changes and typically should not be broken.

Major refactorings and API changes are not allowed, or allowed with updates of all using projects. If you need to change API drastically, consider adding add new methods/classes with different signature.


  • String unicode-aware utilities (convenient wrappers around mbstring)
  • Database engine
  • Mailer subsystem
  • Notification engine

Contrib components

  • bcrypt library
  • PHPMailer library

Authors and Contributors

Mikhail Veltishchev, https://github/dichlofos

  • Project administration and management
  • Major XEngine enhancements and maintenance
  • Database engine
  • Mailer and notifications

Alexander Trousevitch

  • Initial XCMS engine design