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The bigfloat package is a Python package providing arbitrary-precision correctly-rounded floating-point arithmetic. It is implemented as a wrapper around the MPFR library (

The bigfloat package is copyright (c) Mark Dickinson 2009, and is licensed under the Academic Free License version 3.0. A copy of the license is included with the source distribution.


To install, execute the command:

python install

from the bigfloat-0.1/ directory.


This package requires Python 2.5 or later. The MPFR and GMP libraries will need to be already installed on your system.

If your MPFR library is located in an unusual place, or you have multiple MPFR libraries installed on your system and you want to specify which one to use, you may need to edit the configuration file. You may also need to edit this file if the MPFR or GMP libraries were built using a non-standard configuration.