bigfloat / Misc / release_steps.txt

Steps to make a release of this package

* Update the version number in

* Update the version and release information in bigfloat/doc/

* Tag the release.  (hg tag v0.2.1)

* Create the distribution with

    make dist

* Upload to PyPI with:

    make upload

* Also, optionally, add the distribution file to the bitbucket site.

This requires being identified with the server, e.g., with

    python2.7 register

Later: make sure that the newly uploaded package is visible.

Now the documentation needs to be updated.
This requires a .zip file that's
unpacked into the relevant URL.  The zip file must have a top-level
file called 'index.html'.

According to the upload page, only static versions of the
documentation can be uploaded.  However, uploading the entire docs,
including the javascript, seems to work.

To create the documentation:

    make doc
    cd bigfloat/docs
    zip -r *
Now the file can be uploaded.

To upload documentation:

  - go to
  - log in if necessary
  - click on 'bigfloat' under 'Your packages' at the top right.
  - Choose File, and Upload Documentation...