bigfloat / bigfloat_ctypes / TODO

Implement floordiv method for BigFloats
  x // y should behave as with any other operation or function, though
  the sign convention should match that of x % y:  that is, x // y
  should be the result of rounding the quotient towards zero.

  As with any function that produces a single MPFR result, it's enough
  to be able to compute with rounding mode RoundTowardZero and to be
  able to detect exactness.  It's the second part that's tricky here:
  floor(x / y) is exactly n iff n <= x // y < n + 1.  Since n may be
  something huge, n + 1 shouldn't be computed exactly (since this
  might involved billions of bits); instead we need to find an
  indirect way of doing this comparison.

Implement round for BigFloats
  Should be straightforward;  go via string.

* Better error messages

* Docstrings for standard functions

* Expose get_str;  make it a method

* Rename set_str2; make it a classmethod

* Deal sensibly with signs of NaNs on input and output

* Return NotImplemented from binary methods where appropriate
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